House of Furniture Has a Place for Everything

©. Kenta Kawamura via Alts Design Office

No Japanese minimalism here.

Often when we feature Japanese houses (or any modern houses for that matter), they are empty and minimal. The Noji House, from Sumiou Mizumoto of the Alts Design Office, is a bit different; they call it “The House of Furniture.” With a total floor area of 119.81 m2, (1230 SF),

They worried whether an ample living room could be created for the family to spend cheerfully and comfortably while prioritizing securement of a space to store possessions of their three children which was expected to increase along with their growth.
storage system

© Kenta Kawamura via Alts Design Office

We see all their stuff because this house is all about stuff, “how to utilize space effectively by reviewing way of storing."

By sprinkling storage furniture on the wall while abandoning a concept that storage is just a space for clearing objects up, we have created a lively space that appearance of their children is perceived everywhere because storage space has integrated into a part of daily life due to eliminated waste space making it possible to use the space widely.
desk in stair

© Kenta Kawamura via Alts Design Office

It even has a storage stair that also works as a desk, although this must be aggravating when you have all your work laid out on that stair and somebody wants to get by.


© Alts Design Office

The plan shows that the bulk of the second floor is one big room for the kids, with a tiny master bedroom, an inversion of the western way of doing things.

kids room

© Kenta Kawamura via Alts Design Office

The kids room looks big enough that it could possibly be subdivided down the road.


© kenta Kawamura via Alts Design Office

So much beautiful, warm wood. It's unusual, sitting in the kitchen, looking at open shelves of clothing and exposed plastic bins; all the stuff that is normally hidden away is just out there for everyone to see. But you probably won't lose anything.

view toward living

© Kenta Kawamura via Alts Design Office

So much storage! All in 1,230 square feet. Lots to learn from Japanese architecture.

exterior of house

© kenta Kawamura via Alts Design Office