Hot Pockets' Scary Ingredient List, Illustrated

Photo: Belldog/Flickr.

Do partially hydrogenated soybean oil and corn syrup solids make you drool — especially when packed together with imitation mozzarella cheese and artificial butter flavor — and spiked with distilled monoglycerides and L-Cysteine hydrochloride? You've been eating all that — if you've been nibbling Hot Pockets.

These overpackaged and overprocessed edible food-like products are already avoided by many health-conscious foodies. But even the average factory-farmed cheeseburger-eating Joe might think twice about buying Hot Pockets if the product’s ingredient list was on the front of its packaging.

That’s what the poster above by freelance graphic designer Justin Perricone illustrates (via Boing Boing). The poster is basically a prettily designed list of ingredients in a Ham & Cheese Hot Pocket!

According to Boing Boing, this poster’s the first in a series — so follow Justin’s blog for more well-illustrated poster-sized motivations to eat better. How much would America’s diet change if ingredient lists of popular processed products had to be put on the front of the packaging — instead of squished on the back in small print?

Grossed out by the ingredient list — but still kind of craving Hot Pockets despite your better green instincts? Try baking homemade hot pockets! eHow has a simple recipe for homemade hot pockets with just 10 ingredients (plus water) — and if you opt for organic ingredients plus local, sustainably produced ham and cheese, you’ll have yummier, healthier fresh-baked, feel-good snacks.

Image courtesy of Justin Perricone