120 Horsepower Sports Car That Runs on Garbage?

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On a recent flight on Ethiopian Airlines, I opened up the inflight magazine Selamta to find an article on alternative vehicles that caught my attention. While the car just seats one, and at this time is still a concept-car, this sleek sports-car by Rinspeed gives a new name to alternative fuels. Designed to run off of fermented green waste, the Advantige R One, a Formula One-style car, is no wimp and offers a few upgraded features so the driver still feels tough while driving his/her vegetable-eating vehicle.

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Image via: Rinspeed

While the car can run on garbage, it also gladly accepts gasoline and natural gas, just in case you're on a road trip for one and don't have any excess Kompogas to toss into the tank. Kompogas, you say? Exactly, Kompogas - the fermented green waste made by Zurich-based Kompogas AG. Just one kilogram of fuel is needed for every kilometer driven and this "fuel" reduces emissions from 60-95% compared with diesel and gasoline. The Kompogas facilities are currently producing 20,000 tons of "fuel" each year and has contracts to ship it to Germany, France, Austria, Japan, US, Brazil and Australia.

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Image via: Rinspeed

The concept car was launched back in 2001 but has been upgraded over time. The sporty design is not just for looks, the driver in fact will feel as if they are driving a motorcycle. The seat leaves the driver reclining almost horizontal, and the car sits just 38 inches above the ground, so the driver really can feel the hug of every turn. The four-cylinder engine also packs a punch with 120 horsepower and a maximum torque of 165 Nautical miles (Nm). The cockpit of the car also lowers the faster the car drives. At 75 kilometers per hour, the cockpit lowers an entire 30 centimeters to lower wind resistance. The Advantige R One takes just 5.9 seconds to reach 100 kilometers per hour, with a top speed of 205 kilometers an hour.

The car is designed to have a "shark" feel to it and the "gills" on the back end of the car are designed to increase air flow and reduce resistance. The color of the car morphs from blue to red to silver as the car passes by. This is not the first crazy car idea by Rinspeed, which also came up with the sQuba, an electric car able to travel underwater as well as on land. While you can't currently purchase one, it does invite more speculation into alternative fuel vehicle options.
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