Watch Horse Run Back Into Danger to Help Its Family Escape Simi Valley Wildfire

The wildfires in California have forced more than 200,000 people to evacuate their homes and has been keeping thousands of firefighters working around the clock.

But it's not just humans in danger's path. The video above from CBS Los Angeles went viral after it showed what sure looks like a horse's heroic act.

One of several horses running for safety from the Easy Fire in Simi Valley on Oct 30 appears to have a change of heart, running back into danger to lead his family to safety. As the tension escalates, several human strangers jump in to help the animals, even going back to the burning barn where some of the horses remained.

You can watch as the horse runs back into the smoke-filled area, reconnects with the horses inside the fence, and quickly escorts them out of the fenced-off area. Though it's not clear from the video, CBS Los Angeles reported that all but one of the horses involved were saved. One mare had to be euthanized on the scene.

As devastating as the California wildfires have been, this video and countless other rescue stories — human and animal alike — are shining light on all the good deeds taking place.