A Horse Named Jenny Takes a Daily Stroll Through the Streets of Frankfurt

Jenny the horse inspects a baby as she strolls through Frankfurt. BORIS ROESSLER/AFP/Getty Images

Every day, a lovely Arabian mare named Jenny takes a leisurely stroll through the streets of Frankfurt, Germany. Around 8 a.m., her owner Werner Weischedel opens her stall door and lets her go, sending the 22-year-old out on her own for the day.

Sheepdog Evita occasionally accompanies the big horse as she nibbles on bushes, greets pedestrians and occasionally nuzzles a baby in a passing stroller. If people are worried that the mare has escaped, they have only to read the note attached to her halter: "My name is Jenny. I did not run away. I'm just going for a walk. Thank you."

Jenny has been taking her walks for 14 years, Weischedel tells German news outlet FNP. She used to be part of a caravan of sorts. He used to have a second mare and another dog. Weischedel and his wife used to ride down the street with both horses and both dogs. But with his other horse gone and Weischedel feeling he's too old to ride, he lets Jenny take her meandering walks mostly alone.

She typically walks her standard route about eight times, always returning in time for lunch.

"She knows her stuff, is friendly and knows exactly when there is food at home," Weischedel says. "She has a clock in her stomach."

Occasionally people will question whether it's safe to let the mare wander alone, but local police and veterinarians have dismissed criticism.

Police told news agency dpa that they've never had to do anything about the strolling equine, and veterinarian Maren Hellige said the mare "seems very relaxed and satisfied."