Horse Escapes Certain Death by Posing as Donkey

Bubbles the rescue horse, once destined for the kill lot, is now living out his days on a beautiful 100-acre ranch. . (Photo: Becky's Hope Horse Rescue)

Bubbles the horse knew he had only one shot to pull off the impossible, so he took it.

The thin, gray gelding was being held at a kill pen in Texas late last month when Sue Chapman of Becky’s Hope Horse Rescue pulled up to save nine mini donkeys. The nonprofit raises money to make monthly trips to slaughterhouses in an effort to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home abused, neglected and abandoned horses and farm animals.

Chapman and her team were originally there just to save the donkeys. Upon closer inspection of the lot, however, she was surprised to see a horse attempting to inconspicuously blend in.

“He just stood there patiently. He didn’t try to shoo the donkeys away. He didn’t try to fight with them. He just stood there like ‘I’m a donkey and you don’t realize that I look any different,’” she told WFAA.

When it came time to leave the kill lot, Bubbles the horse decided the time had come to make his daring escape.

'This was his ride out of there'

"When we went to bail the mini donkeys from the kill lot, this skinny, grey gelding walked straight up to our trailer, pass the gates, disregarding the commands of the kill lot employees," she wrote on the group's Facebook page. "He was intent that this was his ride out of there. We stood there staring as this old guy with crumbled ears from frostbite waited patiently for the group of mini donkeys to catch up so he could jump on the 'freedom trailer' out of there. There was just no way we could leave him behind!"

Thanks to some generous donations, the group was able to secure Bubbles' freedom and he's now living out his days in comfort and peace at the nonprofit's 100-acre facility. As you might expect, his second shot at life has also come with a hefty dose of fame. A Facebook page setup to tell his story currently has more than 2,500 likes.

"People have taken Bubbles into their hearts and made a difference in the life of this sweet, old horse," the group shared. "The outpouring of support has been truly amazing. Bubbles is a gift to us all and we are so happy to share his story with you."