Homemade Submarine Built From Oil Barrels Actually Works

oil drums photo
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Photo by bradleygee via Flickr CC

Talk about your weekend warrior - in several senses of the term. One man has created a fully functioning submarine out of old oil barrels and other second hand parts scrounged up for a grand total of just $4,385. Tao Xiangli created this DIY submarine and has tested it out in a lake outside Beijing, China. It works swimmingly (har har). Considering the not-so-funny news about displacements already happening and projected to happen soon due to rising sea levels, this might be a practical project at some point.

The project took Xiangli two years to complete, but considering that it actually works - complete with two propellers, periscope, depth control tanks and other necessary components - it is more than just a quick backyard builder project. Very impressive.

Via Popular Science