Home-Sized Biogas Unit Turns Organic Waste Into Cooking Fuel and Fertilizer, for Under $900

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A startup from Israel has developed a home-sized biogas unit that can take organic waste and convert it into enough gas for 2-4 hours of cooking, as well as 5 to 8 liters of organic liquid fertilizer, every single day.

The accurately-named HomeBiogas device could herald a new dawn for full-circle local waste recovery for both on- and off-grid homes, because it has the ability to take in up to 6 liters per day of any food waste (including both meat and dairy, which are often not recommended for home composting) or up to 15 liters per day of animal manure (including pet waste, which is also considered a no-no in home composting), and turn that into enough fuel to cook several meals per day, while also producing a rich organic fertilizer that can boost soil fertility and garden yields.

While many home biogas initiatives tend to be focused on the developing world, where animal and human waste can be converted into a clean-burning fuel for cooking or heating water, providing a renewable local energy source, this project is aimed at the suburban market, where it can function as a valuable component of a home's energy network, either as an adjunct to grid-based systems or as an off-grid accessory.

Helping the Environment

According to HomeBiogas, 1 kilogram of food waste can produce an average of about 200 liters (7 cubic feet) of gas, which can fuel an hour's worth of cooking over a high flame, so with a full daily input of 6 liters of organic waste, the company's units can produce several hours of cooking gas each day, and can help homes eliminate one ton of organic waste each year, and avoid generating the equivalent of 6 tons of CO2 annually.

Here's the video pitch for the HomeBiogas units:

Costs and Maintenance

These units, in addition to producing a usable fuel and fertilizer from materials that would otherwise go to waste, is being billed as an affordable and easy-to-assemble product that can easily fit into a backyard or greenhouse, measuring 123cm/165cm/100cm (48”x65”x39.4”) and weighing in at less than 40 kg (88lb). The HomeBiogas units are also said to be simple to operate, and to require minimal annual maintenance, and although the biogas can be burned on a regular stove, at least one burner does need to be converted to use the fuel.

The company is currently using crowdfunding to get the HomeBiogas devices into full production, and backers have the opportunity to reserve one for themselves with a pledge of $890, which is a significant savings over the full retail price, which will be set at $1500 after the campaign is over. Find out more at HomeBiogas.