Hilarious 'Nature Rx' Frames the Great Outdoors as a Prescription Drug

Need to reevalutate your life or just reduce your stress for an afternoon? Nature Rx is clinically proven to offer these and many other benefits in easy-to-swallow doses. . (Photo: Nature Rx)

Mention the words "prescription drug commercial" at a dinner party and it's likely that nearly everyone will instantly picture one of the hundreds of mind-numbing iterations shown on television. Prescription drugs are bike rides. They're walks on the beach, dances under the stars, and magical butterflies lulling us to sleep.

Now imagine if Mother Nature had access to the same marketing firms behind these stock videos from hell. Think you might be able to tell the difference?

That's the brilliance behind the award-winning comedy series "Nature Rx," which spoofs the prescription drug formula in an effort to both entertain and lure people into the great outdoors. Humorous tag lines abound, such as "Results may vary. Golf is not nature" and "Warning: Nothing in Nature is clickable," but there's some serious science to back up the stress-reducing health benefits too. Just last month, Stanford University researchers published a study showing that retreats in natural spaces can reduce instances of depression and anxiety for urban denizens.

Nature Rx
The creators of Nature Rx make a point of reminding us that we too are a part of nature. (Photo: Nature Rx)

The best part is, Nature Rx is completely free and does not require a doctor's signature. As the commercial warns however, those who have trouble being even mildly uncomfortable may not find nature to be a perfect fit.

Check out the video above. The creators plan on releasing future spoofs, including one aimed at the benefits of Nature Rx for children.