High-Speed Trains Coming to California, Voters Approve Prop 1A

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While California voters rejected Propositions 7 and 10—which though on paper would’ve expanded renewable energy mandates and given tax credits for alternative fuel vehicles, were seen by many as being so poorly worded as to be counterproductive—they did approve Proposition 1A: The Safe, Reliable High Speed Passenger Train Bond Act. As you might imagine backers of the bill were highly enthusiastic.

Quentin Kopp, chairman of the California High-Speed Rail Authority:

Thanks to tonight's vote, a state-of-the-art, new transportation choice will link every major city in the state and move people and products like never before. The citizens of California have put the 21st century golden spike in the ground with a clear affirmation of high-speed trains. (ENS)

The current expected ticket price for the two and a half hour trip between downtown Los Angeles and San Francisco is $55. The total price tag for the project is expected to be about $40 billion.

You can check out fellow TreeHugger Jesse Fox’s post for some background on Prop 1A.

via: ENS
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