4 High-Design Bird Houses Helping Protect Our Feathered Friends This Winter

bird houses help protect the birds
Promo image. peter marigold

It's cold and snowy out there and everyone is freezing, including the birds. At this time of the year it's good to remember that our feathered friends need a little TLC as well.

1. Recycled Material Bird House by Peter Marigold

Starting with a roof over their heads: The bird house above is a TreeHugger's delight. Created by Peter Marigold, it is made from old shop signs and wood from crates. There are seven of them, all in irregular shapes, depending on how the surplus material was found.

bird houses help protect the birds

peter marigold/Promo image Peter Marigold

They are quirky looking, and why not. As Marigold says "An invitation to use waste material is also an invitation to use wasteful geometry that is nonetheless as quick to create as a regular form."

2. "Spontaneous City in the Tree of Heaven" Bird House Installation

bird houses help protect the birds

Bonnie Alter/CC BY 2.0. Spontaneous City in the Tree of Heaven bird house collective.

The astonishing bird houses encompassing "Spontaneous City in the Tree of Heaven," are still in situ. It's a sculptural installation for the birds, providing (architecturally designed) spaces for shelter, nesting or feeding. The installation will be in place for a year in several local parks around the east end of London.

3. Silver Teapot Bird House

bird houses help protect the birds

gadgetsponge.com/Promo image gadgetsponge

If your birds were born with a silver spoon, or you have a very formal garden here's the answer: the silver teapot birdhouse. It's upcycled from different bits of vintage silverplate, all modified and welded together to form this little jewel.

4. Onion-Shaped Bird House

bird houses help protect the birds

earth lovers shopping/Promo image earthlovershopping

For the more modernist back yard, this onion-shaped birdhouse, with its pale, organic shape has a very retro look.

It is made by a co-op in Bangladesh that helps rural women by teaching them skills, providing design assistance and access to credit. So everyone gets a helping hand with this one.