Here's Why "Rollin Coal" Is Actually Awesome

Video screen capture. Pure Compilation

From Grist to Huffington Post, the green blog world appears to be up in arms about "Rollin Coal", a new trend in which anti-environmentalist idiots with nothing better to do modify their diesel engined trucks to burn fuel less efficiently on demand and thus belch out toxic fumes onto innocent bystanders, Prius drivers, cyclists and anyone else they take a dislike to.

Recognizing that the whole point of such behavior is to provoke a reaction, I am hesitant to add another angry column denouncing such antics. Besides which, if you stop to think about it, Rollin Coal is actually awesome. What better way to illustrate the stupidity of being an "anti-environmentalist" than to let the "anti-environmentalists" do their own thing?

In a world where soldiers are dying to secure cheap oil, where kids are facing up to the uncertain future of climate change, and where innovative upstarts are taking on the fossil fuel incumbents, the Rollin Coal crowd are a walking demonstration of the selfishness, stupidity and short-sightedness that is inherent in advocating for business as usual and/or working yourself up into a froth of paranoia over bike lanes or climate-gate.

If the Heartland Institute were to nominate Beavis and Butthead to be their official spokespeople, it could hardly do more to discredit "anti-environmentalism" (what an absurd concept that is) than these chumps.

So to those of you Rollin Coal, I thank you for it. To those of you who have had to suffer these guys' fumes, I sympathize—but please hang tight. Every time they blow smoke on an innocent bystander, they bring us one step closer to a sensible energy policy that moves us beyond fossil fuels for good.

Oh, and they regularly shoot videos that show their own license plates too. Really smart folks we are up against here.