Here's the Best Treadmill Desk We've Seen Yet, Designed Long Before All the Other Ones

Treadmill Desk concept

Steven M. Johnson/

For some people, a standing desk isn't good enough and doesn't burn enough energy. That's why many people modify treadmills into desks and companies like Steelcase make things like their Walkstation, shown below. However cartoonist/ inventor/ visionary Steven M. Johnson, who has been putting his ideas on paper since the early seventies, has them all beat with his Infotainment Treadmill. It is a multi-screen setup with a computer built in, but also has one great feature that the others don't- it folds up after use. This is brilliant and I want it.

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Look at these and tell me that Steven's isn't better.

We've Seen Treadmill Desks, Now there are Treadmill Conference Rooms

treadmill desk
Steelcase Walkstation Desk/Promo image

The New York Times describes how one company in Minneapolis is dealing with the problem; they not only have treadmill desks, but they have a treadmill conference room. More in TreeHugger

Does a Treadmill "Walking Desk" Make Your Office More Green?

treadmill desk photo

Sami writes: I was visiting a client the other day when I was shown one of the team members' desks. Instead of a chair, she had a treadmill set up so she could keep walking as she typed. It was certainly a neat way of getting exercise. But it got me wondering, could it also be green? More in TreeHugger

And I don't think even Steven would have believed this was possible:

Witness the amazing hamster wheel standing desk, perfect for the office rat race

Hamster Wheel Standing Desk in Workshop Furniture/CC BY 2.0

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