Here's Another Way to Hide the Kitchen: Put It Under the Floor

via. LifeEdited

Kitchens take up a lot of space and serve an obviously essential function, but we don't use them all the time. Here is a clever idea that was on LifeEdited a while back, where the kitchen is located what is essentially under the floor. It's in what appears to be a 15 m2 (161SF) apartment. Instead of having the bed go away, as is often the approach, the kitchen disappears.

totally closed kitchen photo


There is not a lot of information on LifeEdited or the original source, but it appears that the bed is on a counter-height raised platform, along with the dining room table, with lots of storage underneath.

kitchen open


However the whole idea seems to break down when you try and figure out what you do with dinner; you have to close up the kitchen to get to the table, or have a friend that you can pass everything to. On LifeEdited, David thinks that the occupants have to be gymnasts; I think they might have to be levitating yogis.

It seemed like a good idea at the time.