Heaven Is... Multi-Modal + Bike Valets (Video)

Screen capture. SF


"Multi-modal transportation" might not be the catchiest buzzword out there, but it's one to remember. To make our cities greener, we need to figure out how to move people around in environmentally friendly ways. Sadly, there's rarely a one-size fits all solution (especially outside the big cities where most of the world population still lives, where options can be quite restricted), but if we're smart about integrating a variety of modes of transportation tightly, we can usually serve a wider portion of the population and do better than with just one mode alone.

Portland's South Waterfront is a good example of this: It mixes biking, walking, streetcars, and aerial trams. Part of the glue that holds everything together is a great parking facility with valets. Oh yes, that luxury isn't just for drivers!

Cool, uh?

It goes to show that any step taken to make green modes of transportation faster and more convenient will drive up usage and get us closer to truly green cities.

Via Streetfilms

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