This Heartwarming Holiday Ad Is Exactly What the World Needs Right Now

Buster the Boxer is the new holiday advert from British retailer John Lewis. . (Photo: John Lewis)

For many people, myself included, this was not the best of weeks. Thankfully, we have the fine people at John Lewis, a British retailer, to tickle our funny bones and brighten our spirits. The company recently debuted its annual holiday ad, "Buster the Boxer," featuring an adorable dog, a new trampoline, and a host of fun-loving forest creatures.

"2016 has certainly been quite a year," Customer Director Craig Inglis said in a press release. "We hope our advert will make people smile."

The new ad is something of a 180-degree turn from last year's "Man on the Moon," which made nearly everyone immediately seek out a box of tissues. That beautifully produced short, shown below, showed a little girl desperately attempting to communicate with an old man literally living on the moon.

“We still had a great response for 'Man on the Moon', but there were a few murmurings about it being a bit sad and did it touch people in slightly the wrong way?" Rachel Swift, head of brand marketing at John Lewis told the Telegraph. "So we’ve been really thinking about that."

So far, going for the laughs seems to have worked, with social media lighting up in appreciation for the mood booster.

To see all of John Lewis' Christmas ads from the last five years, check out the company's official YouTube page.