Healthy Staples for the Fridge, Freezer and Pantry

Photo: Shutterstock.

Here in New Jersey, we finally had Halloween yesterday. Although my town suffered little from Hurricane Sandy, our local officials chose to go with Gov. Chris Christie’s executive order to hold off on trick-or-treating until Nov. 5.

The storm and the postponement of Halloween gave me a few extra days to bury my head in the sand about the upcoming holidays. Not that I don’t love the holidays, but the fact that they are so close means another year has whizzed by and my life is about to get much busier with shopping, cooking, baking and celebrating. In the next two months, there will be a lot of indulging in foods that don’t get eaten the rest of year, and I’m okay with that as long as in between the feasts, good healthy food is still eaten.

I saw this video from the "Today" show about stocking the home kitchen with healthy foods and thought, “This is perfect for the holidays.” The foods suggested are quick and easy to prepare, which is great for the busy season. I like that they show a variety organic and all-natural options, too.

I keep many of these items in my kitchen, but there is one item I think would be helpful to add: whole wheat tortillas.