This is what 2,000 calories of food looks like

BuzzFeed created this video that shows what 2,000 calories of various foods looks like. It's interesting to see how much of one type of food (carrots, for instance) you can eat to hit that point and how little of another (Cinnabon, anyone??) to hit the limit.

The art of getting your daily meals right, of course, is in how you mix and match the best foods to hit the best caloric intake for you. But it's still fascinating to know just how much bacon adds up to 2,000 calories. And it's also interesting to look at these common foods -- things that people call breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks -- and know that most Americans are probably eating plenty more than 2,000 calories a day. I wonder what it would look like if we piled up 2,000 calories of healthy food and compare that to the items in this video. There would be quite a difference in quantity of the quality stuff!

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