State of Minnesota bans endocrine disruptor Triclosan

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TreeHugger (particularly our emeritus John Laumer) has been going on about the "frog disruptor" Triclosan ever since the pictures were small and the stories were short. He concluded that the stuff wasn't just useless but was dangerous, because "antibacterial soaps could actually pose a health risk, because they may reduce the effectiveness of some common antibiotics, such as amoxicillin." Triclosan is in many products, including toothpaste. (see list at the bottom of this post)

Now the State of Minnesota has stepped forward as the first to ban Triclosan, effective January1, 2017. As one state senator noted, "While this is an effort to ban triclosan from one of the 50 states, I think it will have a greater impact than that."

As Margaret noted in an earlier post, the FDA has been studying Triclosan and concluded that it was no better at preventing illness than regular soap and water, and gave the industry a year to prove that it wasn't actually harmful.

Now that Minnesota has banned it, the manufacturers are probably going to dump it everywhere. The Consumerist notes:

Procter & Gamble has already removed it from a number of products and still pledges to be triclosan-free by the end of 2014. Johnson & Johnson began getting rid of triclosan in 2012 with plans to be free of it by 2015. Avon recently announced its new products would not contain the chemical and that it would phase out its use in existing products.

You can read all of TreeHugger's posts on Triclosan here, going right back to There's A Frog Disruptor In My Soap in 2006

State of Minnesota bans endocrine disruptor Triclosan
Hurrah for taking action on removing this useless stuff from our soaps and toothpastes.

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