The Real Bears Video Satire Takes a Stab at the Soda Industry

Center for Science in the Public Interest has launched a new initiative to curb U.S. soda consumption using The Real Bears, a scathing video satire.

According to USA Today,

Alex Bogusky, the culturally influential ad legend whose former agency, Crispin Porter + Bogusky, has created ads for such hot-button clients as Burger King, Domino's and, yes, Coca-Cola.

Bogusky left the agency world in disgust two years ago. Now, he's back in a new role: taking on the cola industry along with advocacy group Center for Science in the Public Interest.

In the video papa bear suffers the consequences of excessive soda consumption including weight gain, losing a tooth, and getting diabetes. Papa bear’s diabetes results in amputation of his leg and even erectile dysfunction.

"You know the American diet has gone the wrong way when it's considered normal to drink massive amounts of liquid candy," Bogusky says on USA Today. "This is a cultural wake-up call."

The soda industry is, as expected, none too pleased by the video.

"This is irresponsible and grandstanding and will not help anyone understand energy balance," says Coca-Cola spokeswoman Susan Stribling on USA Today. "It also distorts the facts while we and our industry partners are working with government and civil society on real solutions."

Watch the Video:

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The Real Bears Video Satire Takes a Stab at the Soda Industry
Real bears video takes a stab at the soda industry in an effort to curb consumption.

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