515 Chemicals a Day?! You’ll Be Surprised To Learn What Your Skin Is Absorbing (Infographic)

It should come as no surprise that a glance around the shelves and showers of a typical bathroom will reveal a crazy array of products, each with their own ingredient list that will probably startle the pants off someone who bothered to read the list -- that is, if they could read the list and comprehend what it is they're looking at.

We know that going organic and all-natural is a smart move when it comes to beauty and skin-care products. It's simply a no-brainer to avoid anything you can't pronounce because we don't know what it will do to our bodies other than make us smell like imitation flowers.

But even for those of us who consider ourselves pretty aware, we might be shocked to know some of the ingredients in our favorite products, and the extent to which various chemicals leak into our lives. This infographic from EcoMom might inspire you to take another look at what goes in your shopping cart next time you're picking out make-up, soaps and other products.

from Ecomom

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