It's Radon Awareness month and a great time to check your house.

Radon is real
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It's that time of year again when we are all sealed up in our houses and doing everything we can to reduce our air leakage, when the EPA comes along and reminds us that it's Radon Awareness Month and that we should be wondering: is this a smart thing, sealing ourselves in so snugly without doing a radon test? After all, two years ago a Canadian study determined that 16% of all lung cancer deaths could be attributed to radon. Last year, Christine did a really comprehensive post that asked the question, Does your home have high radon? This year you can get much the same information from this great infographic supplied by Radon Is Real. They will sell you a cheap radon detection kit or connect you with a radon abatement contractor. Having just renovated my house and sealed it up tight, I think I might just order one now.

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