It's Not Just About Standing Desks: The "Anti-Sitting Movement" Spreads Everywhere

According to the Boston Globe, there is a new anti-sitting movement, where people stand whenever they can.

The don’t-take-a-seat trend, which has already made its way into offices, where workers are braving colleagues’ ridicule as they stand, walk or even cycle at special desks, is now infiltrating other spaces. It can be seen at restaurants, where some patrons would rather stand at the bar than grab a table; at meetings, where anti-sitters discreetly rise from their chairs, as eager to avoid detection as a scofflaw texting during a show; and at parties, where those eager to avoid chair time help the host serve — and not just to be helpful.

There is even a game, "competitive non-sitting." People are purposely standing at the back of auditoriums and on subways and trains, even when there are seats. Perhaps it is time to reconsider standing seats in airplanes.

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