How to tame a hangover with science

There’s only one guaranteed way to completely prevent a hangover, but these tips from chemists may help too.

Of course the only way to truly avoid a hangover is, yes, you know the answer: don’t drink. But for those who like to imbibe from time to time – and don’t enjoy the foggy nauseous achy slump that the following day may present – these tips might do some good. They provide a more wholesome alternative to the “over-the-counter painkillers washed down with cola and junk food” cure. And they come from scientists!

Basically this: Eat heavy food before you quaff, drink water while you tipple, don’t drink for an hour and a half before falling asleep, and eat eggs in the morning. There you go! A clear head on New Year’s Day can now be yours.

For the science behind these nuggets of wisdom, watch this video that goes into the beautiful chemistry of getting tipsy and why it insists on bringing you misery the next day.

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