How Many Lives & How Much Money Has The Clean Air Act Saved? 160,000 Lives Last Year & Trillions of Dollars

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photo: Josiah Mackenzie/Creative Commons

Republicans and a small handful of Democrats in the House of Representatives don't much like the idea that the EPA wants to regulate greenhouse gas emissions, preserving clean air for the United States through the Clean Air Act. In case you had any doubts about the very substantial benefits, in terms of both health and economics, that have come about because of the 40-year old law, the Union of Concerned Scientists has a handy new ticker keeping track of it all for you.

EPA sums up the how and why of these benefits:

Most of these benefits (about 85 percent) are attributable to reductions in premature mortality associated with reductions in ambient particulate matter; as a result, we estimate that cleaner air will, by 2020, prevent 230,000 cases of premature mortality in that year.

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