FitDesk Aims to Keep You In Shape While You Work

We TreeHuggers are work-from-home types so anything that has to do with home office gear, especially health-minded home office gear, usually piques our interest. But this desk is one I'm tempted to file in the "Just What We Needed Department." It is the FitDesk, and it is designed to keep you pedaling as you work on your computer.

The FitDesk has its high points -- it keeps you active even while you're working and would otherwise be sitting mostly still. And in fact, it was created by Steve Ferrusi who used it to get more miles in during preparation for a cycling event without losing time at work, and after that he used it to pedal as he played video games. For some people, this could be a solution to too much time in a chair.

And no doubt, there are some instances when bike + desk = awesome especially if you could just park your bike, hook up a little generator.... well, now that's another post.

However, we couldn't agree more with CNet, which states, "The FitDesk is currently priced at $229.99 with free shipping, but might we suggest something that's also healthy and won't cost you a dime? Give yourself a break and go outside for a nice walk. Those spreadsheets will be there when you get back."

Indeed, getting up and going out for a walk is much healthier for your brain, eyes, and body than trying to just keep up the pace on pedaling while working on the laptop. Walking while working with a treadmill desk is one thing -- it keeps you moving at a very slow but steady pace and your posture likely won't suffer as much as if you're hunched over trying to type while keeping your feet moving.

We like the idea of keeping moving all day long even when you are stuck at a computer for your job, and the FitDesk might just be a solution for some people who can't stand all day long but want to be more active during stretches of typing. But if you can get outside and go breathe some fresh air and stretch your eyes and brain as much as your legs, we think that is probably the smarter solution than the FitDesk.

FitDesk Aims to Keep You In Shape While You Work
A desk that blends exercise with office work and keeps you sweating.

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