Dengue Fever Vaccine May Be Ready By 2015

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In the race to develop a dengue fever vaccine just a few months ago public sale of such a life-saving medicine was deemed ten years off. Now, Time of India reports that French drug-makers Sanofi have announced they may have a vaccine available for sale in as little as four years.Currently undergoing phase three clinical trials, the exact launch date would be dependent on regulatory approval on a country-by-country basis, Sanofi-Pasteur's head of vaccine development told reporters in Bangkok.

The green connection for most of TreeHugger readers for whom dengue fever may seem like something that happens 'over there': Historically dengue fever has occurred in about three US states (Hawaii, Texas, and Florida). However, due to climate change dengue may spread to 28 US states in coming years.

Dengue fever incidence has increased dramatically in the past 50 years, with 50-100 million people infected annually. It is currently endemic in 110 nations.

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