Conscious Box: The Monthly Subscription Service Delivering Healthy Snacks and Skin Products to Your Door

Conscious Box reached out to the right sampler of their Community Supported Agriculture-style monthly delivery of assorted goodies from ethical suppliers.

Especially since I'm a sucker for Whole Paycheck (also known as Whole Foods), surprises and snail mail.

What Was in the Box

Getting Conscious Box delivered to my doorstep was like the best of both worlds; a tidy little recycled box brimming with mostly trial-size, yummy wholesome and healthful things like:

Almond-Coconut Kind Bars
Glee Gum
Honest Tea
Pharmacopia Body Wash & Lotion
100% Pure Body Creams
Mary's Gone Crackers Oatmeal Cookie (wheat- and gluten-free)
Funky Monkey Freeze-Dried Fruit
CocoaWell Dietary Supplements
Living Nutz Raw Teriyaki Almonds

The monthly products vary from month-to-month and are intended as samples. So; while I was rocked by the full-size Kind Bars, the baby, bite-sized Mary's Gone Crackers Oatmeal Cookie was nothing other than a tease. Subscribers who get bummed by fun-sized candy bars and want the real deal might be better off forgoing Conscious Box.

That said, it was nice getting to test-drive products from companies I've heard raved about for a while like eco-beauty brand Pharmacopia (their citrus-spiked Verbena Body Lotion is silky and sublime), but had never got around to trying.

The organic and vegan single-application of 100% Pure Body Cream (which I hadn't ever heard of) in Vanilla Bean smelled like a warm baked sugar cookie as I applied it post-shower. I was (craving a cookie) sold and made a mental note that if I needed a good lotion in the future -- or a gift -- it passed my test.

A Unique Gift Idea for the Eco-Curious

The same introduction I had to the responsible products featured in my November pack is really the mission behind Conscious Box, as their website affirms:

Conscious Box is dedicated to introducing you to the most ethical, sustainable, and honest businesses that create the purest products available. We scour the marketplace to find those that stand above the rest. Discovery defines the Conscious Box experience.

Would I subscribe myself? Likely not. As fun as it would be to receive it, I can't justify the monthly packaging (albeit recycled, it's still waste) when I support so many responsible brands as is, and have learned to navigate the world of health food stores (finding what products are healthy for me and planet -- without tasting or smelling like tree bark.)

I would however consider turning on an eco-curious friend or family member with a gift subscription. The goodies inside the box will come as a surprise as they change month to month.

Check out their website. Subscriptions are available for online purchase in 1-Month ($19), 3-Month ($54) and 6-Month ($106) plans.

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Conscious Box: The Monthly Subscription Service Delivering Healthy Snacks and Skin Products to Your Door
Assorted goodies from ethical suppliers range from Glee Gum to Almond-Coconut Kind Bars, Honest Tea, and Pharmacopia body lotion.

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