Chinese avoiding IKEA meatballs after learning they are actually made in China

IKEA meatballsIKEA via Quartz/Screen capture

After reading Kim's post about Fake concrete-filled walnuts being sold in China , this story from Gwynn Guilford at Quartz is unsurprising. After horsemeat was found in IKEA meatballs in Europe, IKEA China was proud to announce that none of its meatballs were made in Sweden, but were all produced in China from local pork and beef.

In fact, this appeared to scare people more than the horsemeat after a string of food scandals. Guilford quotes commenters on Weibo:

“Many Chinese customers say they won’t be ordering Ikea meatballs again. The horse meat part doesn’t matter. Isn’t the important thing that the food production takes place in China?” said one Weibo user (link in Chinese).

“I don’t really care about horse meat. The key point is that if it’s produced in China, it probably has rat meat,” said another.

Still another was even more skeptical. ”In Europe, profiteers just added a bit of horse meat to beef. But in China, you don’t even know if what you’re eating is actually meat,” he said.

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