BPA Identified As Potential "Environmental Obesogen"

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Just when I thought it would be fine to cook with canned tomato sauce - bis-Phenol A recently having been granted toxicology probation - emerges the possibility that BPA can make you obese. Ohhh wait - not so fast. What Bruce Blumberg of UC Irvine specifically seems to be saying is that exposing a fetus or a young child to to BPA confuses cell receptors, which may add to the risk of lifelong obesity. (Hope I said that right.)I got wind of this from an article in the Bangor Daily News:

Bruce Blumberg of the Department of Developmental and Cell Biology at the University of California-Irvine was the keynote speaker. He focused much of his 45-minute speech on obesogens, which he said are chemical compounds that disrupt the metabolism of lipids in the body, resulting in obesity.
Couching his comments very carefully and fairly, I thought:
Blumberg identified BPA as one of many chemicals to be avoided.

"I would encourage, especially parents of young children, insofar as they're financially able, to reduce their exposure to all sorts of such chemicals," said Blumberg. "That's not because it's proven without a doubt the chemicals are bad, but I can say without the slightest shred of a doubt that there's no benefit whatsoever. So if there's no benefit and some risk, you should probably reduce exposure as much as you're able. Eat organic as much as you can. In doing so, you not only help your own health, but you support small farmers, which is a good thing.

"I would avoid, and I do avoid, the use of plastic as much as possible -- particularly for food storage and beverage storage," added Blumberg. "Whether we'll ever get the legislatures, the EPA or Congress to ban them is another matter. But we can take our own steps to minimize exposure."

My kid hates anything with tomato sauce so I can pretty much ignore the issue. Other parents probably will have a harder time with this. Probably just get the sauce in glass jars and keep them upright and you're good to go.

Fast food pizza and meatball sandwiches - another matter.

Fun with words.
Picture a meeting of lobbyists working for a grocery or packaging trade organization and some PR hacks, having been introduced to the term obesogen. They'd go absolutely apoplectic. [sorta rhymes with a term for extreme opposite of obese.] Gotta love it.

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