Outdoor Games Created by Kids to Get Them Playing Outdoors

Earlier this month, CLIF Kid, makers of organic snacks for active kids, held the second annual Backyard Game of the Year Playoffs in San Francisco, California. The competition challenges kids to invent original, fun games that can be played outdoors by any kid.

Richard Louv, Dana King, Jonny Moseley.
Six finalists from across the country had the outdoor games they created judged by celebrity guests that included Olympic Gold Medalist Jonny Moseley, news anchor Dana King, and best-selling author Richard Louv.

With the Olympics underway--and plenty of summer left--now might be a good opportunity to get your kids to play imaginative outdoor games created by kids for kids. It might even inspire them to create their own games.

Game rules for the six finalists– “Dance Tag,” “Footloose Derby,” “North Pole South Pole,” “Tortoise & the Hare Ball,” “Sidewalk Chalk Adventure” and “Zombie Hunt” – can be downloaded at ClifKidBackyardGame.com for all kids to play outside or in their backyards.

Participant playing "North Pole South Pole."

“North Pole South Pole” by 7-year-old Abigail, of Albany, Ore., was selected as the 2012 Backyard Game of the Year. She won a $10,000 educational scholarship, and the runners-up each won $1,000 educational scholarships.

You might recall that in our previous post on kids and outdoor play it was noted that preschoolers are not spending enough time outdoors. This has lead to an obesity rate of 17% among children and adolescents aged 2-19 years. Experts recommend that kids be allowed to play outdoors for 60 minutes every day.

Outdoor Games Created by Kids to Get Them Playing Outdoors
Outdoor play is important to the health and development of children. Use these free games to pull your kids away from the TV and outdoors.

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