Hang Your Folding Bike in Your Closet

folding bike hanging in closet photo
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Would love to have a bike but keep getting it ripped off and don't think you have space for one in your apartment? First step, get a Strida folding bike (an awesome commuting machine) or other small folding bike. Second, figure out a way to hang your bike in your closet. Hit below the fold for how a chinese restaurant window display led me to an easy $2 solution (including pics and video).I had been thinking about what kind of hook I might find or create to hang our bikes in our closet as they were taking up a lot of space in our 1 bedroom place. And I happened upon....

chicken hanging in window photo

Photo by Quasimime Chinese restaurant with Ducks, Chickens hanging in window by....Hooks!

So, we found a Chinese cooking supplies place close by and sure enough, they had the hooks for $2 each.

folding bike hanging on hook close up photo

Modified Chicken/Duck Hanging Hook.

So we bought a few and brought them home. With pliers and vice-grips I twisted one of the curved hooks 90 degrees such that the bike would hang nicely perpendicular to the closet bar.

Voila! Now we have a very space efficient way to keep the bikes in the apartment.

40 sec video showing the folding up of a Strida and hanging it in a closet.

folding bike hanging hooks photo
bike hanging hook photo