These Handy Refillable Containers Eliminate Travel-Sized Plastic

Made from recycled ocean plastic, they'll lighten your load and prevent leaks.

Cadence capsule in lavender


One of travel's eternal dilemmas is how to transport small quantities of personal care products. Whether you're flying, staying at a friend's house, or planning to hit up the gym after work before going out, it's always a wee bit complicated to figure out how to carry shampoo, conditioner, face wash, moisturizer, and makeup without your bag being awkward, heavy, and potentially leaky. 

In the past, I've resorted to using old contact lens cases, tea sample tins, and pill containers to stash small quantities of products and jewelry. But these aren't ideal solutions, and I've been known to mix things up in ways that aren't helpful. Other travelers sometimes buy special travel-sized containers for decanting supplies, but these are usually a single-use solution. They tend to be made of thin plastic, are difficult to clean, and are typically designed for single-use.

Now there's a better solution on the market. Cadence is a series of reusable and refillable hexagonal containers, or capsules, that can be used to store all kinds of personal care products, medicines, vitamins, toothpaste, jewelry, sunscreen, baby products, and more while in transit. 

Cadence travel capsules


Designed by young female entrepreneur Stephanie Hon, who went through more than 200 prototypes to create the very product she needed for herself, Cadence capsules are 100% leakproof, with magnetic sides that hold them together for easier storage and interchangeable magnetic labels on top so you know what's inside. 

They are made from recycled ocean plastic and can be sent back to the company for regrinding and reforming if you're ever done with them (but that's unlikely). The capsules are BPA-free, non-leaching, and made in Montana. 

With a 0.5 fluid ounce capacity, the capsules are well below the TSA's 3.4 fl oz limit and are allowed in carry-on luggage. And when you get home from your trip and finish using up whatever's in the capsules, you can toss them in the top rack of the dishwasher for thorough cleaning.

Cadence capsule trio


Cadence's website explains that its capsules are good for the environment because they incentivize people to buy larger quantities of their favorite products, having resolved the transportation issue: 

"The option to purchase bulk, large containers instead of many smaller ones can reduce the amount of single use plastic significantly. Additionally, small pieces of plastic are more difficult for automated single-stream recycling systems to process, so your single large bottle has a better chance of actually getting recycled once you are finished with it."

I would add, too, that people might be more inclined to buy personal care products, e.g. deodorant, facial oils, face wash, etc., in glass containers if they knew they could transfer them to sturdy reusable plastic when traveling. The capsules are well-suited to DIY beauty products, such as baking soda, honey, coconut oil, salt and sugar scrubs, and other items that people may like to use but not have a good way to transport.

Not many people are traveling these days, but Cadence is a great product that will surely have a role in the future, as the world slowly returns to normal. Check out the options here. The capsules come in three colors – terra-cotta, sand, and lavender.