Hand Crank Twinkle Lights Work Just Like a Pencil Sharpener

Eco-Twinkle Light Explanation Image
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The folks behind Yanko Design are always thinking, and lately their thoughts are stuck on solar and renewable energy gadgets. The latest design, a hand-crank, "Eco-Twinkle Light" takes the idea of renewable energy, this time human-powered, and creates a light that is easy for kids or adults to operate. If you find yourself camping in some remote location and need to see whether that is a Snickers Bar or a scorpion you're about to grab, having a handy ready-to-go hand-crank light is perfect. Or if you've got kids with unlimited energy, let them take responsibility for keeping the lights going at base camp with these Eco-Twinkle lights by Yanko Design.

Eco-Twinkle Lights by Yanko in Several Colors Photo

The lights come in a couple of shades, from white to orange to a light green/blue color. To turn the light on, simply turn the crank to generate some battery power. If your light is already charged, simply push the on/off button on the top of the light for instant illumination. By taking simple idea of a pencil sharpener, that uses simple human power to grate and shapen a pencil, the designers at Yanko Design used the same gear and grating idea to charge a battery and voila, the Eco-Twinkle Light was created.