Halloween Detox in 5 Easy Steps

Oatmeal served with a side of protein is a good way to start getting back on track. (Photo: Robyn Mackenzie/Shutterstock)

We all know that Halloween is celebrated with plenty of candy and sweets. It can be fun to indulge in caramel apples, candy bars and suckers, but you may feel sluggish afterwards. As your kids continue to sort through their loot, you can create a Halloween detox plan (unbeknownst to them) to help pump them up with nutrition after all of those sweet, empty calories.

The following tips are not meant to be a serious detox diet for your family; rather these steps will help rebuild and replenish the body after all those sweets.

1. Serve and eat plenty of protein. If you experienced sugar highs and lows after eating candy, protein will help stabilize your system. Protein also helps your mood, partly by giving your body the building blocks (amino acids) it needs to rebuild. Plan on eating high-quality protein three times a day.

2. Eat healthy fats. Yes, some fats are healthy! I eat traditional healthy fats, like coconut oil, grassfed butter and extra virgin olive oil. Fats help make you feel satisfied, so you don't feel the need to reach for the candy jar. Fats also help stabilize your blood sugar.

3. Eat lots of vegetables and some fruit. All of those refined sweets are hard on your blood sugar, and they also use up minerals in your body to process them, according to Sally Fallon in her book, "Nourishing Traditions." Eating plenty of produce will get your mineral intake back on track. Fruits are delicious as well as nutritious, but after all of those sweets, concentrate on vegetables, which have very little natural sugar in them.

When I feel especially behind, I love drinking vegetable juice because I own a juicer. It helps me regain my energy when I have the sugar "blahs." As nice as it is to use a juicer, you could certainly use this method of juicing with a blender.

4. Try soup. Healthy soups are a great way to get a lot of vegetables and mineral-rich broth into your family. Popular ones in my family include Simple Chicken Noodle Soup and Creamless Creamy Zucchini Soup.

So how does that translate into a daily menu? Here is one example of a simple sample menu using traditional ingredients.

Sample menu

Soup is rehydrating and nutritious when battling a hangover. Matthew Ennis/Shutterstock.com

Upon rising: Drink a big glass of filtered water with fresh lemon juice to help get hydrated. You can also start the day with a freshly made vegetable juice. Wait 30 minutes before eating breakfast.

Breakfast: Oatmeal served with grassfed butter and real maple syrup. Serve Apple Chicken Sausage on the side.

Lunch: Simple Chicken Noodle Soup with toast and a green side salad.

Dinner: Roasted chicken served with brown rice, steamed broccoli and Avocado, Bacon and Egg salad.

Snack ideas: An afternoon vegetable juice, carrot and celery sticks, hard boiled eggs, or fresh fruit.