Now Your Hair Ties and Scrunchies Can Be Fair-Trade, Plastic-Free

Hair ties on a white background.

Courtesy of Kooshoo

These handy accessories tick all the boxes for ethics and eco-friendliness.

If you have long hair, then you'll be able to understand the struggle to find a perfect hair tie. Few things are as annoying as an elastic that's too thick or thin, that doesn't hold up a ponytail, that causes your scalp to hurt or a headache to start, that cuts off circulation when worn around your wrist. And so you keep buying different brands and sizes, hoping that this time it'll be just right.

Well, I am happy to announce that your search has come to an end; at least, mine has. Kooshoo is a Canadian company based in Victoria, British Columbia, that produces a collection of high-end hair accessories that stand head and shoulders (quite literally) above their competitors. I've been using the ties for over three years now and love them; they're wide and flat and comfortable on my wrist, and the joints are sewn closed, which makes them three times stronger than glued hair ties.

washable plastic-free scrunchies

Courtesy of Kooshoo

Kooshoo has just launched a new line of plastic-free scrunchies, too. In a letter to TreeHugger, these are described as "essentially our popular hair ties wrapped in a blanket of the softest, silkiest organic cotton we could find. The colors are in-season, the comfort out-of-this-world, and the early reviews are glowing." Now I get to add to those rave reviews because I've been using the scrunchies for the past several months and am thoroughly impressed. The cotton is indeed silky soft and the gold-sand color nice for my red hair. (Other colors are available, too.)

There is a lot more to the hair products than just excellent utility. Both the ties and scrunchies are made from cotton and natural tree rubber that are certified by Fairtrade International and the Fair Rubber Association, respectively. They're designed in Canada, but the company works with GOTS-certified cotton growers in India and a solar-powered dye house in Los Angeles to produce them. They're stitched in a garment factory owned and run by nuns who use profits to fund a cancer treatment center for people without access to care.

Kooshoo scrunchies

Courtesy of Kooshoo

And despite being biodegradable and gentle on the Earth, they're tough enough to stand up to machine washing, which Kooshoo explains "starts to shift the conversation and expectation around hair ties from that of a disposable product to one you care for like a favorite T-shirt." So if you want hair care that's as ethical as it is effective, check out Kooshoo.