HABODE: Home Can Be Anywhere

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Designer Rod Gibson says "Design shapes our lives. Whether man-made, or from nature, design influences many of our decisions. From the products we buy; to the services we use; to the impressions we have. Design affects us all; our emotions, our ethos, our actions; our vision."

He is also in New Zealand, blessed with an almost perfect climate and an appreciation for architectural innovation and good design, judging from what we have seen come out of it.

HABODE is an eco-friendly concept that appears to fold out of two shipping container sized frames that can be transported anywhere using standard container handling equipment, without being limited by the solid steel walls of a standard shipping container.


The 80m2 footprint is fixed, but within the envelope there are lots of options. It sits on twenty timber pile foundations and "is not a temporary structure. It has an engineered foundation plan and will be assembled for your personal requirements from the options you select. The convenience of a relocatable home is the flexibility it offers your lifestyle. Erect it by the lake, move it to the beach, take it to the river, or that secret secluded spot you call home."


"• HABODE can be folded away, transported and re-opened by HABODE's trained assembly teams. Each home has an independent producer statement certifying its structural performance for your lifetime*. It can be assembled in two

days and then be made ready for occupation by you and your family, connected to power, water and sewerage."


"The challenge that HABODE has grasped with passion is to provide high quality, potentially self-sufficient, and affordable accommodation alternatives to a range of market environments in Australasia, North America, Asia, and the Pacific Rim region. This strategy seeks to generate a significant impact on the way we think about a home, especially in the niche area of re-locatable, recreational homes. This concept also provides for quality accommodation for industry, urban accommodation for the service sectors and rural accommodation, and many other applications for an economical and timely package both permanent and temporary housing."


There are severe limitations to shipping container housing, but the transport and handling of them is a well-developed science. That is why this is such an interesting concept- it looks like two boxes are delivered at eight feet wide, one of which would have a filler piece with all the 3D hardwired stuff like the kitchen, mechanical systems and bathroom that sits between the other two, solving the problem that shipping containers are dimensioned for shipping, not people.

It is the best of both worlds, taking advantage of the transport infrastructure while designing an elegant solution that busts through the dimensional limitations of the container. Rod Gibson has done something remarkable here; this could really work.

Check out the cool options animation.


::HABODE via ::Haute Nature