Habitaflex Folding Homes

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This does not look like the usual TreeHugger fare, and is not made with particularly TreeHugger materials, but it sure is clever. The Habitaflex is a prefab that, like the EcoHut we showed earlier, has a 3D core with bathroom and services. You tow it to a site and lower the floors, raise the roof, unfold the walls and plant the pink flamingoes. Voila- instant two bedroom house.


Again, not quite to our decorating taste, but it is an easy-to-haul 8' wide by 18'-10" that folds out to 18' x 22' or 396 square feet. Prefinished in natural pine with linoleum floors, wood exterior panels and vinyl windows. Cost? US$33,350 or $85 PSF. We hope some hotshot Quebecois designer contacts them soon and convinces them to make a cool green version- they are onto something here. Put it by the water and get Warren's plastic Kayak and watch your summer unfold.