The Gyrocar Could Be the Solution to the Biggest Urban Problem of Our Times

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Screen capture. Daheer Insaat via Designboom

It can help keep the roads dedicated to the moving and storing of private cars.

Get out of the way, Straddle Bus! We thought you were the solution to the problem of adding public transit without taking away space for cars, but Daheer Insaat has you beat with its fabulous flywheel powered Gyrocar. The designer is quoted in Designboom, saying it has “huge potential to provide an efficient, economical, safe, environmentally friendly, comfortable, and maneuverable conveyance that is independent of the general traffic flows on arterial roads.”

But wait, there’s more; the designers enthusiastically continue:

‘I can say without exaggeration that this mode of transportation is compatible with the human habitat, with the spaces in which city dwellers recreate. It can pass alongside parks, squares, and pedestrian paths, and in some cases it can even ride alongside people strolling down wide boulevards. After all, it is absolutely safe in both ecological and physical terms.’

Unlike the straddle bus, the Gyrocar can dip under bridges (although there is no explanation of why there are no cars under it when it takes the dip). It also is much better on corners.

According to the terrific and informative video, gyro transport is incredibly reliable and can solve our traffic woes.

In modern cities, where the problem of traffic jams is of particular importance, and it’s physically and financially impossible to expand roads or build tunnels and ramps, the only solution is to use the unused road medium. The main feature of the Gyrocar is its ability to fit into the existing infrastructure while remaining independent of the rest of traffic.. such a car can quickly move down a fortified strip between lanes and over the rest of traffic, creating almost no interference with other vehicles.

It’s all very cleverly engineered; it’s round because there is a giant flywheel underneath, giving it stability. It has two generators and a backup generator to keep it spinning.

This is such a wonderful idea. It excites me so, to see yet another solution to the single biggest urban problem of our times: How to keep the roads dedicated to the moving and storing of private cars.