Instant Pot Wine Creator Dubbed a 'God Amongst Mortals'

Raise your glass to the Internet's hero of the moment, the guy who turned grape juice into wine using an electric pressure cooker. (Photo: ImYannis/Shutterstock)

Inspiration comes in all forms. After continually seeing a meme on Facebook that asks "Why hasn't one of those Pinterest chicks figured out how to put grapes in a Crock Pot and make wine? It's like they're not even trying," one Pinterest guy, David Murphy, decided to give it a shot.

On his FoodnService blog, Murphy recounts his adventures in wine making, not in a Crock Pot, but in the Instant Pot, the electric pressure cooker that's all the rage these days. He didn't put grapes in there; instead, he used a 64-ounce bottle of Welch's grape juice along with sugar and red wine yeast. But, basically Murphy gave the internet what it wanted, and the internet is thrilled.

Someone commented on this Facebook post that he's a "god amongst mortals" for creating and sharing his method of turning grape juice into wine using the electric pressure cooker. And, over the past few days, he's received more accolades.

On Facebook, Munchies said he went "full Jesus." Buzz Feed credited a good God for allowing Murphy to figure out how to do it. Scary Mommy called him a "Damn Genius." And, people on Twitter are calling him "the hero we need," saying the wine is "life changing," and "enterprising" while declaring "I knew there was a reason I bought the Instant Pot."

Murphy is excited about his wine recipe going global, as he puts it.

Of course, there are those who are horrified, but let's ignore them. Murphy isn't telling anyone they have to make or drink the wine. I think we should raise a glass to Murphy simply because he followed his inspiration. Don't we all want to do that more often? In fact, here's poem — or a poetic toast — to Murphy:

Here's to David Murphy

The hero we need right now

You turned grape juice into wine

And told us all just how.

Your inspiration and creativity

have earned you viral fame

May you enjoy your 15 minutes

as we raise a glass to your name!

Of course, the Instant Pot wine was not made instantaneously. It was in the pressure cooker for two days and bottled for another eight before Murphy found it drinkable. He said the end result was a wine with "hints of chocolate and dark cherries" on the nose and "a very palatable wine taste." He declared it better than Two Buck Chuck and some other cheap bottles of wine he's bought. And, he's not done yet. He says he's going to try other juices, too.

Cheers to you, David Murphy, for being creative!