Grumpy Cat Has Nothing on Earl the Grump

Earl may look grumpy, but his owners swear he's a happy pup. (Photo: CBS 42/YouTube)

The internet loves angry animals. First there was Grumpy Cat, the pioneer who paved the way for Garfi (the world's angriest cat), Koyuki (the cat who is permanently throwing shade) and even Grumpy Frog. Now those animals have a morose mutt to join their ranks, and he goes by the moniker, Earl The Grump.

Earl is a puggle — part pug and part beagle — whose jowly scowls and razor-sharp glares are melting hearts all over the world. But don't let that crabby composure fool you. According to Earl's human, Derek Bloom, Earl is actually a sweetheart who loves humans and other dogs. That surly face is simply the result of an underbite and wrinkles. That may be the case, but Earl sure does know how to combine those features with a pointed glare for maximum effect.