9 Groundhog Day-Themed Crafts and Snacks

Groundhog finger puppet
Older kids will love to make this finger puppet and little ones will love to play with it. (Photo: Rust and Sunshine)

As Groundhog Day approaches, the question on everyone's mind is ... "Will Phil see his shadow?" But hey, let's face it, as much as we'd all like to hope for an early spring after that walloping East Coast blizzard, chances are that Punxsutawney Phil will dash back into his hole and doom us all to another six weeks of winter.

No matter. We can deal with that. Especially when we've got all of these fun snacks and treats to help us celebrate the day. After all, who can be mad while wearing a groundhog face? Not me, that's for sure.

Want to join in the fun? Here are 10 great snacks and crafts to get you started:

1. Groundhog Day pancakes

Groundhog Day pancake
Put a smile on your little one's face with this cute start to the day. (Photo: The Joys of Boys)

These pancakes from The Joys of Boys are a great way to kick off the day. And they don't require any special molds or tools to make. Just whip up a batch of your favorite pancakes, add marshmallows, bananas, and chocolate chips and you're good to go.

2. Groundhog Day sandwiches

Groundhog Day Sandwich
This fun design works with PB&J;, tuna, ham, or any of your kid's favorite sandwich fillings. (Photo: Sweet and Lovely Crafts)

You won't need any special ingredients to make this cute Groundhog day lunch. Use any kind of sandwich filling and bread that your little one would enjoy and use this guide from Sweet and Lovely Crafts to shape it into a fun holiday treat.

3. Groundhog Day muffin cups

Groundhog muffins
Any spice cake mix or recipe will work to make these holiday muffins. (Photo: Recipe.com)

They call these muffins, "pear bear" muffins, but I see a groundhog in that face design, don't you? The recipe uses spice cake mix, which I'm sure would be delicious, but you could also substitute this homemade carrot cardamom muffin recipe instead. Add some pear ears, almond teeth, and a chocolate chip nose and that is one sweet groundhog!

4. Groundhog Day mask

Groundhog Day Mask
This fun little craft could not be any easier to pull together. (Photo: I Heart Crafty Things)

Do you have a paper plate and some black yarn in your craft box? Then you have everything you need to help your child whip up this cute holiday mask from I Heart Crafty Things. If you have toothpicks, you can use them to make the whiskers, but if you don't you can just paint them on instead.

5. Groundhog bread cups

Groundhog bread cups
These bread cups make for a fun and festive Groundhog Day treat. (Photo: La Receta de la Felicidad)

The recipe for these cute teddy bear (aka groundhog) rolls from La receta de la Felicidad is in Spanish, but you can use the Google Translate feature if you don't speak the language. Funnily enough, it's actually adapted from this Japanese bear bread recipe, so you can truly test out your language skills while making these Groundhog Day treats.

6. Groundhog Day finger puppet

Groundhog finger puppet
Older kids will love to make this finger puppet and little ones will love to play with it. (Photo: Rust and Sunshine)

How cute is this?? This groundhog puppet requires a little bit of sewing, but the pattern uses felt, so it's great for kids or other beginners. Check out the directions from Rust and Sunshine.

7. Groundhog Day face

Groundhog face
Go ahead, just try to keep a straight face when your kids are wearing these masks. (Photo: 30 Minute Crafts)

I think the giggle factor for this particular craft from 30 Minute Crafts is going to be off the charts for you and your kiddos. I'm seriously considering making this face and greeting my kids like this when they wake up (they are 10 and 13 so I'm likely to get more sighs than giggles, but who cares??)

8. Groundhog Day pudding cups

Groundhog Day pudding cups
Peekabo! Will Phil see his shadow or will he go back under the 'dirt' to hide?. (Photo: The Joys of Boys)

Here's another great idea from The Joys of Boys: Groundhog Day pudding cups. You can use instant pudding, or if you want to get crazy, try this vegan chocolate avocado pudding recipe and see if your kids can tell the difference. My guess is that they'll be too distracted by the cute cookie to care.

9. Groundhog Day cake

Groundhog day cake
If my daughter finds out that there is such a thing as chocolate pasta (used here to make the whiskers,) she will never want to eat anything else again. (Photo: Cakespy)

Now that you've spent the day eating Groundhog Day treats and making fun little crafts, top things off with this seriously fun cake from Cakespy. I'm not sure where she found the chocolate pasta to make the whiskers. And I have no idea how I have never heard of this deliciousness before, but it's certainly on my radar now!