Greener Reading for the Whole Family

Need to find a book for your young reader? Here are some ideas. (Photo: John Morgan [CC BY 2.0]/Flickr)

I'm happy to report that, like me, my girls love to read. Funny books, scary books, books about spiders, or comic books ... if you set it in front of them, they will start reading it. But as much as I'd like to buy every new book that hits the store shelves, I needed to find a way to save paper (and cash) while making sure my girls had lots of great books to read. Here's what I found, the best bets for both your wallet and the planet when looking for greener reads for your family:

The library: Hands down, the cheapest and most eco-friendly place to get books is at your local library. And did you know that September is Library Card Sign-Up Month? Sign up with your kids and enjoy great green reads all year long.

Swap sites: The first place I check for swapping books is with friends and family. If I'm looking for something specific, I might try where you can swap, trade and exchange books for free. For $11 a month (shipping is included) you can borrow two paperbacks at a time. Buy or sell gently used books through this website that works to promote global literacy. Recycle your old books by leaving them in convenient (and legal) locations throughout your town and then registering their location on this site. While you're there you can look other books that have been left around your town.