Green Your Family Reunion

A lot of planning is required to make a great family reunion. (Photo: Derek Hatfield/Shutterstock)

Planning a family get together anytime soon? Family reunions are a great way to reconnect with love ones and strengthen the ties that bind a family together. But if your extended family is large, it can be rough on the planet to gather so many folks together in one location. Here's how to plan a family reunion that's easy on the planet:

Location, location, location: Is your family spread out around the country, or even the world?Travel is the single largest expense to the planet (and the pocketbook) when it comes to gathering lots of family together. Look for a location that involves the minimal amount of travel for the most people.

Walk the walk: Hold your reunion in a spot that is pedestrain and cycling friendly to reduce driving. Even if not everyone is up for walking to and fro, it will help out tremendously if even a few folks forgo their cars. If walking isn't an option, look for locations that have good public transportation.

Ditch the trash: Help the whole family minimize trash on the trip by skipping disposables and sticking with reusable dishes, cutlery and linens whenever possible. Also make sure your hotel or campground has a dedicated recycling center to make it easier for everyone to do it.

BYOB: "Bring Your Own Bag" Be sure to bring your own reusable tote bag to carry during the reunion. If possible, make a practical and environmental keepsake for the whole family by customizing a bulk order of bags with your family name, the year, and the reuniuon locaction to hand out to family members during the event.

Picture perfect: Capture each and every treasure moment of your reunion with a digital camera that eliminates chemical processing and waste. Check out free picture sharing websites (like Flickr or Photobucket) to share pics with family after the reunion.