Green Machine by Flevobike Is the Ultimate Commuter Bicycle

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Image: Flevobike
Maintenance Free Bike with Fully Enclosed Drive Train
Are you a dedicated bike commuter? Rain or shine? Summer and winter? Then you need a Flevobike Green Machine. And even if you are just the type that gets fed up with chain maintenance or oily pant legs, you should give the Green Machine serious consideration. The Green Machine benefits from a completely enclosed drive train, which keeps out all moisture, sand, dirt and salt, for a trouble-free ride in all conditions. A 14-speed Rohloff hub ensures smooth shifting, even under load. To see what the guts of this bike look like, check out the ghost pic below.

The Green Machine has been making inroads with Europeans since its innovative design won the Eurobike Award 2007. But here is the best news: the Green Machine is now available in America, too.

Flevobike green machine view enclosed drive train photo

Image: Flevobike

As the transparent view above demonstrates, Flevobike has designed the Green Machine with the chain inside of the bicycle frame. Because of the extremely tight engineering tolerances demanded, the Green Machine is available in three frame sizes, to fit cyclists from 150 to 205 cm (5 feet to 6 feet, 10 inches) tall.

An Easy Step into Recumbent Cycling
Flevobike knows that recumbent cycling can feel strange to newbies, and welcomes everyone to the game with a couple options to fit any style. In particular, the bike is available with both under seat steering (see image of Green bike, at top) or elevated handlebars (see image of orange, transparent bike, above). Also, the mesh-backed recumbent seat allows the rider to place their feet on the ground for stability at stops, and adjusts from a more upright seat into a deeply recumbent position.


Image: Flevobike
Green Machine with Touring Trailer
All two wheeled trailers are compatible with the Flevobike Green Machine, attaching via an M10 threaded joint in the bike's rear hub. The state of the art 3D CAD/CAM design and all aluminum frame weigh in at 16.2 kg (35.6 pounds). The anodized highlights in red, purple, blue, orange or green will be the envy of your friends.
Where to Get Your Flevobike Green Machine
If you live in the US or Canada, you will have to order your bike from Bikes4Health, the only authorized dealer for Flevobike outside of Europe.