Web Worker Daily Shuts Down, Saying Web Working is Nothing Special Anymore. Do You Agree? (Survey)

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I started reading Web Worker Daily six years ago, when it still had its cheeky revolutionary graphics and colour. It covered all of the issues and trends in mobile and home working. A few years ago it lost the graphics and got merged in as a channel on the GigaOm website; yesterday it got shut down. The stated reasons:

New terms were being coined as we tried to understand this phenomenon and its participants: “virtual workforce,” “web workers,” “freelance economy.” It was enormously disruptive — both to how work got done and to workers’ lifestyles. WebWorkerDaily was launched to address all of that.

Fast forward six years, and these terms have all but disappeared. This once-disruptive way of working has become a matter of course for many companies in tech and beyond. It’s no longer “web work,” it’s just “work.” Work from home policies are viewed more as a standard offering than a benefit. Nearly every cafe you walk into — well, at least the ones with free Wi-Fi — are filled with people tapping away at their open laptops and taking conference calls on their mobile phones.

Yes, but with the growth of the mobile, connected workforce, I would have thought a website devoted to the subject would be more important than ever. That's why we cover everything from changing technology to standing desks to garden sheds; the dematerialization of the office will have profound effects on carbon footprints, urban design and transportation, and it is just getting started. It is changing the way we live and work. Alex at Shedworking writes:

The number of people working from home and starting up home-based businesses is rocketing (though not much documented by the national media). The age of presenteeism is starting to pass and we're returning to a pre-industrial revolution scenario of cottage industries.

Nicole at GigaOm claims it was "once-disruptive"; I would have thought that it has just begun to disrupt. What do you think?

Web Worker Daily Shuts Down, Saying Web Working is Nothing Special Anymore. Do You Agree? (Survey)
GigaOm pulls out the Wall Wart on Web Worker Daily, but I wonder if they aren't premature

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