Snaptique offers photo fun with retro view cameras and Airstream trailer

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There is something romantic about old fashioned view cameras. The giant plates or negatives give a level of detail and resolution that has never yet been matched. But they were huge, expensive, and now people are getting pretty good results out of their smart phones.

Now, giving us the best of all possible worlds, Domenic Gallego has taken modern technology, the concept of the view camera and the photo booth and mashed them all into a wonderful and clever new camera that is also a clever new business.

domenic with cameraLloyd Alter/ Domenic with camera/CC BY 2.0
With our passion for the handcrafted and our love of vintage, we decided to build our own photo booth out of solid oak, complete with an old-fashioned camera with leather bellows and a brass lens. After many napkin drawings, numerous prototypes, and hours of hard work, we realized we had the makings of a fun business idea, and Snaptique was born!

ryerson setupLloyd Alter/CC BY 2.0

He set up shop at the year end show at Ryerson University School of Interior Design where I teach. He arrives with a table full of vintage paraphernalia to set the tone, a backdrop and his wonderful camera. You hit a button, count down and in a few minutes the printer spits out an old-style photo booth strip with three photos of higher quality than you ever got in a booth.

airstream© Snaptique

And if that’s not retro enough, Snaptique also has a gorgeous restored airstream trailer, a mobile photo booth that they take to events in the Toronto area.

camera stetup© Snaptique

You sit on the couch in front of the old TV and the fake Rolleiflex on top takes the photo and your entire wedding party can get in on the game.

lloyd photosLloyd Alter/CC BY 2.0

I was rather pleased with the results of this, and it was a lot of fun. A great business idea mixing new technology (they partnered with Ryerson University's Design Fabrication Zone) great retro design, a dash of recycling of old cameras and trailers, and a great sense of humour. More foto fun at Snaptique.

Snaptique offers photo fun with retro view cameras and Airstream trailer
A great idea that mixes traditional forms with modern technology

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