Second best job ever taking applications now

Wanted panda caretaker
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Wanted: Panda caretaker

Taking a cue from Tourism Queensland's offer of a six figure salary to the winner of a competition for the 'best job in the world' serving as caretaker of the Great Barrier Reef Islands, China is offering 200,000 yuan (over US$32,000) for the 'most fun job' looking after panda bears in Southwest China's Bifengxia Base of China Giant Panda Protection and Research Center. Perks include a free SUV for transportation and meals and accommodation for a year.

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One suspects that fluency in Chinese may be a key skill in this job, as the Most FUN Job website in English soon immerses the panda-surfer in pure Chinese news on the recruitment effort for the most fun job. At any rate, the dual English/Chinese press event launching the search for a panda caretaker provides amusing wordplay politely dancing around the question of whether a woman could be fit for the position and on the relationship of depression in pandas and the stressed human workers dwelling in the modern Chinese city.

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One winner already

The Ford Ecosport wins some attention from this gimmick already. At the launching ceremony for the candidate competition, a representative explained the choice:
Why we choose the Ecosport? China's most FUN job has the same spirit with the Ecosport brand . the Ecosport brand spirit of Ecosport is to let it go to take the risk. The Ecosport is suitable for the job. it's higher off the ground.the performance of through the jungle is better.body is smaller. After all, the road condition in Ya'an is not that good. This SUV will suppy good help to work there. This is why we changan ford choose the Ecosport to cooperat with the Ya'an panda base .

And what happened to that island caretaker guy anyhow?

The winner of the last best job in the world, Ben Southall, exceeded Queensland's expectations as he energetically explored and reported on the island paradise under his "care". He endured jelly fish bites, met his dream girl (who became his wife in 2012), and now is working hard on a soon to be published book about the adventure, The Best Job in the World: and how you can follow your dreams too.

Tourism Queensland did alright too, winning two black pencil awards from the D&AD (Design and Art Direction) charity aimed at promoting excellence in promotion and advertising.

Let's hope the most FUN job in the world can do for pandas what Ben Southall has done for the spirit of Australian adventure.

Second best job ever taking applications now
And what happened to the guy who won the six figure salary to serve as caretaker of a barrier reef island anyhow?

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