A Quick Look at the Sheffield Wind Farm (40 MW) in Northern Vermont

Sheffield Wind FarmYoutube/Screen capture

This video (see below) gives an overview of the construction of Sheffield Wind, a 40MW wind farm in Northern Vermont, and of how it affected some of the locals. Keep in mind, the video was produced by the company that built the wind farm - it's more a promo video than a documentary piece - so you won't find anyone saying anything negative in it, which is unrealistic... You could be building a hospital for sick children and some people will still complain. But as long as you keep those caveats in mind, it still gives an idea of how a wind farm can positively impact the economy of a small community.

Sheffield Wind will sell the power that its 16 Clipper Liberty 2.5 MW turbines produce to three local utilities in Vermont. It should generate enough electricity to power about 15,000 Vermont homes.

Via Sheffield Wind

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