Outpost sells vintage clothing from a vintage teardrop trailer

Outpost in Dorset
© Outpost

We show a lot of tiny houses on treehugger; it is exciting to see people take things into their own hands, trying to develop a different model of housing. We are also seeing people trying to develop different models of business. Carolyn Fielding is spending her summer living out of the cutest little 60s vintage teardrop trailer, selling vintage stuff across Ontario, as Outpost Vintage & Thrift.

I stopped to look at the trailer, but was captivated by the whole idea of an entrepreneurial young woman crossing the province, going from farmers's markets to fairs to flea markets to just wherever the tourists are and setting up, selling her quirky collection of vintage women's wear, living in the trailer by night and opening up the back by day. The teardrop design is actually perfectly suited to this, keeping her private space separate from the selling space that opens at the rear.

This is a very Canadian operation:

OUTPOST is a collection of treasures found and sold on the road. My clothing is inspired by the Great White North and all its classic, rugged, and kitschy fashions associated with being Canadian. Each piece I select I envision the perfect time it should be worn; a camping trip, beers in the park, or a weekend at the cottage. If an item emits a Neil Young, Joni Mitchell or McKenzie Brothers vibe it’s promptly scooped up.

One of the reasons that tiny houses have become a movement because the cost of entry is so low compared to conventional housing. Are tiny businesses the next big thing? See more at Outpost's website and see the summer schedule here.

Outpost sells vintage clothing from a vintage teardrop trailer
Could tiny businesses be the next big thing?

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